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OPINION: What is the allure of Fantasy Balls?

Updated: 6 days ago

You know that feeling when you read a book, and suddenly reality slips away from you and you are fully immersed in another world? But then suddenly someone interrupts you, and then bang, the reality comes back and we have to return to real life…or do we?… What if I told you that you could experience a book fantasy ball in our world?

Words: Taylor Musa

Imagination is an integral part of our lives as children and shapes who we become as adults. However, that magic feeling gets pushed away as we enter (what I like to call) the harsh reality of adulthood. In an almost thankful way, the covid lock downs made a lot of people return to fantasy books and movies to allow them to escape reality.

With BookTok’s recommendation of books, communities from all over the world began to come together and the idea of holding balls in theme with fantasy and specific books began to gain more popularity. We in Australia had to watch these happen from afar, until our Fairy Godmother Carly created Celestial Events - bringing the balls to Australia and New Zealand!

But what makes these balls so alluring? I asked our lovely Celestial Event attendees their opinion, let's dive into it!

Escaping reality

Who needs reality when you can attend a ball in an outfit that makes you feel magical, and step into a world that feels unreal! You get out of the event what you want, you can come as the main character and live out your fantasy, and you can meet your favourite characters. The choreographer will teach you a dance that will transport you to your dream world, dancing with your friends, lover, or even enemy. In our Celestial group, Stephanie noted that the allure of fantasy balls was,

‘Dressing up and meeting like-minded people who are obsessed with fantasy books as much as me’.

Making new friends and connecting with like-minded people

The Celestial Events Brisbane ball was a weekend of friendship-making. Whether it was at the official hotel or at the events over the weekend, new relationships were formed all through the love of a book series. Friendship bracelets coloured everyone's arms as the Celestial goers graced the streets of Brisbane. It was easy to recognise each other and start conversations with people you have never met, but create lifelong connections with! Stacey put it perfectly, saying,

‘To be unapologetically yourself with a bunch of like-minded people’.

The outfits

We don’t get to play dress up much as adults, but the balls are an opportunity to dress in something magical and whimsy, whether that be a ball gown, armour, a suit, you can wear whatever your heart desires. You get to become the main character. Many people also make their own outfits and customise them to create something truly unique, bringing out your true self giving you a powerful feeling. Bianca said

‘Dressing up (in something other than pjs or a tee and shorts) was a bonus. I didn’t know how things would go that weekend but if I could bottle that feeling and keep it for days when I’m a little down I would’.

A night to remember

From 360 photo booths, to photo opportunities up the wazoo, immersive artists, incredible food, drinks, amazing music and a community of beautiful people, a fantasy ball is a night that you will not soon forget. The event is also a safe place for many people, not like a convention where there are so many people everywhere. Persephone beautifully said

‘Exploring an unconventional version of you. Fantasy balls allow you to meet yourself completely unrestrained and it's an extraordinarily powerful feeling’.

Sound like an event you cannot wait to attend? I agree, I cannot wait to go to all the rest of the Celestial Event balls! We would love to see you at one of Celestial Events fantasy balls.

Sydney: June 2024

Melbourne: November 2024

Brisbane: June 2025

Perth: 2025

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