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Welcome to Celestial Events ... your bookish, fantasy-loving community.

Welcome! My name is Carly and I am your Celestial Host.

This information page is so you can get a quick update in one spot rather than scrolling through a backlog of Facebook posts.


Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter asap to stay in the loop. Link here.

If you need to email me directly please use the Contact Us form. Enjoy and hope to see you soon. x CVW 

Meet Your Moderators

There is no mortal way I could manage all the thousands of fans in the group all alone, so I count on our trusty moderators.  Keep an eye out as they help answer any questions as well.

Chat Groups

Celestial Events has a separate area with multiple chat groups - whether you are an author, a cosplayer, or attending an event solo there is a chat group waiting for you to access these and pick what groups you would like to join you need to follow this link: 

Newsletter & Waitlists


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A Month of Dual Energies and Emotional Depth

As we step into the vibrant month of June, we embrace the unique blend of energies brought by Gemini and Cancer, the two zodiac signs that define this period. June is a time of dynamic communication, intellectual curiosity, and deep emotional connections.

From May 21 to June 20, we are under the influence of Gemini, the Air sign ruled by Mercury. This period is characterised by a surge in social interactions, adaptability, and a thirst for knowledge. 

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Recommended Book

Our book we recommend you read for May and June is A Fate Inked in Blood.  Here is the link if you want to purchase it via the QBD affiliate program.

Our Celestial Inner Circle private group has a book club that reads this book together.

If you are looking for more of a community book-reading experience.  Join our book Celestial Inner Circle Book Club here.

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Thanks to The Stitched Kingdom (@the_stitched_kingdom) one of our amazing Melbourne vendors you have the chance to win one of their Officially Licensed Fourth Wing Basgiath War College Crewnecks (front embroidery only).


To enter:
Comment on this post : LINK who you think YOU would be in the Fourth Wing universe and why and tag a friend who isn't in the group that you think would love the chance to win (don't forget to invite them!!) 
The winner will be picked at random on Saturday, June 15. Don't miss out! 💫
The winner will have to contact The Stitched Kingdom with the size of the crewneck they require. It can be picked up from The Stitched Kingdom stall at the Fantasy Merch event.

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Current and Upcoming Events

  • Sydney Ball June 21st - SOLD OUT

  • Melbourne Riders Gathering June 25th - ON SALE NOW

  • Brisbane Riders Gathering June 25th - LAST TICKETS

  • Melbourne Ball Nov 23rd - SOLD OUT

  • Melbourne Fantasy Book Signing and Merchandise Day Nov 23rd  - On Sale 1st July

  • Melbourne Meet and Greet Swords Skills Nov 23rd - On sale 1ST JUNE

  • Melbourne Meet and Greet Court Dance Nov 23rd - On sale 1ST JUNE

All tickets will be for sale at this link.

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Want to advertise to the group?

As we have a no advertising policy, if you would like to advertise your business to our Celestial networks; we are happy to share our advertising packages with you starting from as little as $50+GST.  Here is a brief example of our packages.


We are happy to discuss opportunities with you.  *Please note we will only support licensed merchandise or products that align with the Celestial followers.

Contact us here for more information so we can plan an advertising package for your business.

Celestial Events - Legal

Celestial Events always has expert legal advice from the team at Leora Rose Law.  You can read about our partnership here.  Rest assured we have covered all the legal aspects of running a fan-based fantasy event in Australia, ensuring Celestial Events complies with all trademark, copyright, and entertainment laws.

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If you have a question that is not answered here - please reach out! Contact us here.

  • What is Celestial Events Australia?
    Celestial Events hosts fantasy fan-based events bringing to life some of our favourite bookish novels. From gala balls to archery, painting, yoga, high-tea, quiz nights etc there is something for everyone. So long as you are a fantasy-fan, love meeting new people and perhaps even enjoy cosplay/dressing up in character you can come along and meet other like-minded fans.
  • What is the Inner Circle Membership?
    We offer a paid membership for our community who want to access perks such as tickets in advance, book club, and other benefits. To read more about our membership click here.
  • How can I promote my business in the group?
    If you feel your product aligns with Celestial Events, please reach out via email at and we can send you our advertising packages.
  • What Charity does Celestial Events support?
    Celestial Events supports Ecologi for planet matters, Bully Zero to keep our members happy and safe and Hidden Disabilities to be as inclusive as possible. Read more about our Charity on our ABOUT page.
  • Where do I get tickets?
    All current tickets are visible at Eventbrite
  • Will a Celestial Event come to my city?
    We are always growing and bringing the festival and new fantasy events to life. The best way to stay up to date is in the Facebook private group link here, or via the newsletter sign-up here.
  • I have a question about one of the events.
    The FAQ on Eventbrite have extensive FAQ's check for your specific event.
  • How can I get a press pass or photography pass to an event?
    Please contact us at for press / media or photography requests.
  • Are you affiliated with a publisher?
    Celestial Events partners with QBD Australia for official midnight book launches, pre-sales and book sales. Celestial Events takes inspiration from our favourite fantasy authors such as SJMaas and Rebecca Yarros. With careful consideration and advice from our legal team, we ensure we do not breach any copyright laws when we host our fantasy events and have the appropriate trademarks and licences in place to operate. If we invite cosplay and/or actors to attend events they can choose to take on their interpretation of their favourite fantasy characters.
  • Are the balls 18+?
    Yes balls are 18+.
  • I am interested in attending the NY (USA) Fantastique Starfall Ball Tour in 2025
    This is now booked out - however you can waitlist for Europe 2026 here.
  • How do I volunteer?
    We accept volunteer applications for any students who are interested in Event Management or Marketing. Please contact us via the contact page for more information.
  • What is your policy on blocking or banning from the group?
    If any members support negative speech Celestial Events admin and moderators will remove the member from any social media groups. Our goal is to continue to provide a safe community for fantasy friends to meet like-minded individuals in a positive format.
  • What are the group rules and brand ethos?
    Celestial Events is a very caring community of fantasy book readers. Make sure you are aware of our group rules: ​ 1. Only positive comments and no thumbs down or negative. 2. No sales, advertising other events, self promotion or facilitating real-life meetups. 3. We take no sides in any political agenda, we are purely about the joy of fantasy and attending fantasy events in Australia. Divisive topics like stance on AI-art are not tolerated. 4. We will block and remove any members who are not showing the right ethos to protect our positive group. ​ Have a question, suggestion or need a bit more information, please always feel like you can CONTACT us and ask - we are here to help!
  • The event is sold out are there resale tickets?
    We use Tixel for any resale.
  • Can I sell a dress in the group?
    No. There are no sales in the group. we used to have this option however we removed it to avoid scams.
  • Can I organise a meetup with members of the group via the group?
    We do not allow real-life catch-up's via the group. Although we do our best to vet the members, we look out for your safety and do not allow this. If you want to have a deeper connection with members we have our paid membership group that allows for this type of interaction as the members are vetted and limited. Read more about it here.
  • I am an author can I advertise my book in the group?
    Any commercial posts will be declined. If you would like to sell into the group please email for our advertising packages.
  • Who are the moderators?
    The moderators are volunteers who help manage the page and what posts and comments are allowed. If you would like to apply for a moderator role please use the Contact Us page. Moderators are also often the lead volunteers at events.
  • Why do you have a no thumbs down rule?
    We do not allow any negativity in the group; even something as small as a thumbs down might negatively affect a members mental state. Members not able to comply will be suspended or removed in order to keep our group a safe positive space.
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