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Christmas Lights

Celestial Christmas

Letter from the Editor: 

At the beginning of this year, I set out with a determined goal to embark on a business project that would truly bring me joy. In May, I took a simple step by posting in one of the SJMaas Facebook groups, asking if anyone shared the dream of attending a Starfall Ball in Australia. To my overwhelming surprise, within just a few hours, nearly 900 replies flooded in.


Turning my passion for creating communities and events into a heartfelt project, I've spent countless hours bringing this event series to life for each of you.

As our first Celestial year comes to a close, I want to express my deepest gratitude to every one of you. I've cherished every message, the chat groups, getting to know you better at events and your requests have been invaluable in shaping elements like the Party-at-Home-Packs.

Screen Shot 2023-12-13 at 1.46.17 pm.png

Fae-Christmas Tags​

​Have you got a Fae-loving friend that would appreciate a Fae-inspired gift tag. Download here. 

Puzzle time...

Now if you are anything like me ... you love a good puzzle on holidays to have a break and do something fun! I created these for my puzzle-loving fans out there.  

Screen Shot 2023-12-13 at 3.00.10 pm.png

The excitement building up for the ball in February and June, along with new projects like our new monthly box membership book club, Chapter Communities, Melbourne event, and Fourth Wing event, has been truly incredible.


I cannot wait for the CC3 launch and I'm so eager to finally meet all of you and I'm sure we will have many more wonderful times in 2024 (and looking forward to NY in 2025!).

Sending lots of Christmas love to you my fae-friend. As a token of my appreciation, here are a few fun downloads to keep you entertained over the Christmas period.

xx Carly Vidal-Wallace

p.s A big special thank you to the wonderful moderators who keep our group so alive, and to Amy and Eleena my other peas in the pod bringing so much joy in the event series to all of you.

ACOTAR Crossword

​Need some ACOTAR to fill your days ... have fun with this crossword.  Click here to download ... example questions "Our favourite Chapter".

ACOTAR Wordjumble

This is trickier than you would think.  Some of our fav ACOTAR words are all jumbled up.  Unjumble to find the answers - download here.

ACOTAR Find-a-word

The words can run diagonally and backward, find all your favourite ACOTAR words here.

Puzzle Answers

Are here.

Spotify Celestial Playlist

For those of you who need a bit of fantasy-inspired music, don't forget our 8 hours of ACOTAR-themed music submitted and voted on by the fans! Access the playlist here.

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