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Quiz Answers!

Question 1:  What quote is written on the back of Danika’s leather jacket?
Through love all is possible

Question 2:  What is Hunt's real first name?

Question 3:   What is Bryce's middle name?

Question 4:  When Bryce was young she had a crush on which character?
Flynn / Tristan Flynn / Tristan

Question 5:  What is the name of Connor's younger brother?
Ithan / Ithan Holstrom

Question 6:   Danika was a fan of what band?
The Banshees / Banshees

Question 7:  Which of Bryce’s friends has a personal helicopter?

Question 8:   What is Crescent City’s formal name?

Question 9: Who is The Hind’s sister?
Hypaxia / Hypaxia Enador

Question 10:   At what age did Fury make the Drop?

Question 11:   What did Hunt buy with the first paycheck he received from Micah?
Sunball Hat / Hat / Sunball Cap / His Hat

Question 12: What does Danika have tattooed on her neck?
Wolf / Pack of devils / Pack of devils crest

Question 13:   What is the name of the person Bryce was dating at the beginning of the series?
Reid / Reid Redner

Question 14:  Bryce's scent is described as lilac, "the gleam of the first stars at nightfall", and ______?

Question 15: Find someone you haven’t yet spoken to and ask them who their favourite Crescent City character is? Write their answers here.

Question 16:   How does Hypaxia carry her broom when it's not in use?
A brooch / Golden brooch

Question 17:   Bryce’s Jelly Jubilee is a coveted toy from which franchise?
The Starlight Fancy franchise

Question 18:   The sacred Fae isle of Avallen is ruled by which king?
The Stag King / Morven Donnall/ Morven

Question 19:  Who was Danika's Second in the Pack of Devils?
Connor / Connor Holstrom

Question 20:  What is the name of Bryce’s favourite Tea Bar?
Tempest in a Teapot

Question 21: Ember Quinlan wears a silver pendant described as "a circle nestled atop two triangles", which is a simplified symbol for the holy image known as "the Embrace". Which two Gods does this symbol represent?
Cthona & Solas

Question 22: Ember and Bryce met Randall at Silas's Temple which is located where?

Question 23: Find and take photos of the two (2) Jelly Jubilees that are hidden in the venue. 
Jelly 1 - in between the books in the display cabinet in the merch room
Jelly 2 - above the clock in the games room

Question 24: Find and take photos of the two (2) Otters that are hidden in the venue. 
Otter 1 - in one of the side games rooms on a ledge
Otter 2 - on the scales in the hallway (this is the one that went missing and we are waiting for his safe return please (3/68 Secam Street Mansfield Q 4122)

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