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AI-Art Policy

Thank you for visiting our AI Policy (“Policy”). This document is the Policy of Cedilia Holding Company t/a Celestial Festival and Celestial Events (together the “Company,” “we,” or “us”). This Privacy Policy also applies to our Australian website and any related mobile applications that refer or link to this Policy, as well as to any personal information collected through computerised devices in stores and in-store data collection forms, and through any location where the Policy is posted (collectively referred to herein as the “Sites”). 



"AI art" AI art, also known as artificial intelligence art or algorithmic art, refers to artwork created or generated using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and techniques. In AI art, the role of the human artist varies, ranging from direct input and guidance to minimal involvement in the creative process.

AI art can take various forms, including digital paintings, drawings, sculptures, music compositions, and even poetry. It often involves machine learning algorithms trained on vast datasets of existing artwork to generate new, original pieces. These algorithms can mimic artistic styles, patterns, and techniques, leading to the creation of visually compelling and conceptually rich artworks.

The emergence of AI art raises questions about authorship, creativity, and the role of technology in artistic expression. While AI algorithms contribute to the generation of artwork, human artists may still play a significant role in the conceptualisation, selection, and refinement of the final pieces. AI art blurs the boundaries between human and machine creativity, challenging traditional notions of artistic practice and opening new possibilities for exploration and innovation in the art world.

"Administrator" is a person who acts in an Administrative role for a social media account

"Moderator" is a person who acts as a supporting administrative for for a social media account

Celestial Events Brand Ethos, Marketing, Branding Presence 

Celestial Events including the Instagram Page, TikTok Page, Facebook Page, and website does not knowingly publish, support or actively promote AI Art.


Celestial Events Events

Celestial Events Merchandise Days do not knowingly engage in any sellers who promote, or utilise AI art.  It is a pre-requisite when paying to be part of any Celestial Events Merchandise Days that sellers are Officially Licensed to sell products using Authors' copyright material, thus meaning AI art would not be permitted.

Celestial Events does not allow knowingly authorise the sale of any unlicensed or AI Art on any of its platforms.


Celestial Events Private Facebook Group 

The purpose of the private group is for the community of members who intend on attending an upcoming Celestial Events event. 

The administrators and moderators keep moral topics such as (but not limited to) AI-art, deforestation, forced labour, fan-fiction and licensed v non-licensed products out of group discussions, as members hold strong opposing views on these topics.  As the group serves as a fan group for event attendees, and as Celestial Events does not exclude attendees from Celestial Events events based on the above moral views, we do not exclude, alienate, or censor within the group around differences of moral choices on the above-mentioned topics. 


When joining the group there are clear sign-up questions that make it clear for users to use their own discretion while in the private group as it does not act as a fact-check or moral discussion ground as these views are divisive topics that go against keeping positivity within the group.

Any breach in sharing of misinformation, hate speech, or slander about Celestial Events, the Administrators, Moderators, Volunteers or Staff will be met with legal ramifications.

If you need any further clarification please reach out to hello@celestialevents.comau 

Date of policy: May 2024

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